Online Domination
& WhatsApp Packages

Unable to session in real time or want to supplement a real time session with me? Then this might be just the thing for you. 

I offer online domination and WhatsApp packages which can also be aligned with an online chastity package after you have been fortunate enough to have been locked by me!

Please contact me for details so I can tailor a package to suit your fetishes and requirements – this will include 1-1 chat (phone and video chat), regular photo updates, voice notes and tasks requiring your utmost compliance.

“An experience not to be forgotten, incredibe & immersive"

An online package including being locked in chastity includes:
Package 1 is for 10 days (£75) OR Package 2 is for for 24 days (£135)
You can expect
– full ownership of your caged manhood for your selected period of lockdown
– 1-1 Chat
– Regular photo updates and custom clips
– voice notes and tasks
– Plus a full introduction call before we get started along with an agreement form for you to fill out by email

Sessious with
Miss Lady Louisa

If you successfully apply and have the fortunate opportunity to session with me, read more about what you can expect and the type of sessions available.


The beauty and liberation enjoyed on one of my Sissy Makeover Sessions will be an experience to remember, very immersive and incredibly transformative. See the new you emerge.

Chastity &

Not for the feint hearted. I offer a variety of chastity packages and keyholding services for you naughty boys who need to be kept in line.


Can’t session in real time? Then this one might be for you. Let me push your boundaries and tailor an online domination package specifically for you and your fetishes.