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Locktober Lockdown

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It’s almost October or as it is known by many Locktober.  A month of denial for those prepared to step up to the challenge and have their dick locked away.  Are you up to the challenge of a month of denial?

Hand me your key and you will be under my control – it’s not for the feint hearted but with determination and me as your guide you will achieve the goal.  Expect to be tested and teased as I enjoy making you suffer with photos, voice notes, custom tasks and video clips.

Are you longing to be controlled?  Do you know it’s exactly what you need?  Then contact me and begin your journey.  

If you’d like me to take control of your chastity cage as your key holder I highly recommend buying one from the House of Denial where I am a registered key holder. You will find they have a large selection of cages available if you are looking to purchase a new one, be rest assured I will assist you in choosing the right style.

Lady L 💋