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Let Miss Lady Louisa unlock the key to chastity!

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If you’ve ever considered being locked up and controlled and go into a period of chastity you should know that key holding is not just for cheap thrills, there’s so much more to it than just being locked! Whilst it might sounds fun right, the reality of it can sometimes be completely different and should not be entered into lightly.

Chastity is ultimately the submission of your male desires not only physically, but psychologically.

It takes trust within the D/s dynamic to be established and most of all mental control. You have to get into the right submissive state of mind and surrender yourself when it comes to thinking for yourself and your dick. And realise that the choices are being made for you. It is also a symbol and proof of your commitment and adoration for your key holder and the joy gained within the dynamic of being physically and mentally locked up for her. Pleasure for she as your Domme and you as the sub.

So let me take control and take you on a journey that allows you to sacrifice not only your orgasms but your ego. You’ll find the virtual packages I offer are unique in allowing you to experience chastity with a twist. Only by opening your mind and surrendering to your cravings will allow you to explore these kinks and push the boundaries on what you may not have thought possible. 

Let me take you into complete sub space and enjoy your new found purpose in serving me whilst under my full control. 🔐

Much love

Miss Lady Louisa xx